Beyond Good and Evil 2 looks awesome in this 25-minute gameplay video
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A split-second moment of the game's hero taking a photo.

Your hub spaceship in the prototype. You can pilot it or the smaller, more nimble ship inside. Burning atmosphere as Ansel pilots his ship into outer space.

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However, much of the planet is made up of boring-looking mountains. Ansel promises that these will always be "interesting" once the game is finished.

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In "dev mode," Ansel zooms out to give a view of how big the prototype's planet is. Sam Machkovech Sam has written about the combined worlds of arts and tech since his first syndicated column launched in Email sam. Speaking of toys: Starlink: Battle of Atlas looks like Ubisoft's first serious toys-to-life product.

It will launch in the fall of for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, and it will support a toy-attachment rig for whatever controller you play with. Game footage was paired with controllers that had spaceship toys clipped to their tops, matching the spaceships that flew across space and over colorful planets.

An Ubisoft producer insisted that downloadable ships would be supported in the game as well.

The reveal footage hinted at motion controls, but it did not clarify whether these toy-clip systems would include motion-control support. A pre-rendered trailer appeared to have these four vehicle types racing against each other simultaneously, but the actual gameplay reveal showed these four race types cordoned off from each other.

Devs Play S2E10 · "Beyond Good & Evil" with Michel Ancel, Tim Schafer, and Greg Rice

If you were wondering whether dune buggies were superior to prop planes, you'll have to race them some other way. The footage didn't make clear how checkpoints will be presented to racers in boat and plane races, but those vehicles did fly through and over the game's forest and city landscapes which combined elements of New York City and San Francisco.

Though its RPG battles resembled The Stick of Truth , its interface also included a series of cards, so the game may very well be yet another mobile card-building battle game. Elijah Wood appeared in a video announcement on behalf of his apparent new video game company, dubbed Spectrevision.

  • Creative director gets spaceship over 20,000km/h but never lands the thing. Hmm..
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  • After years of rumors, the sequel to the cult classic finally looks like it might be real.?
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  • Solid Surface Complete Design Freedom.
  • Huh, 'Beyond Good & Evil 2' Is Starting to Look Like a Real Video Game.

The eerie trailer revolved around a conceit of a '90s research project that required its subjects to don giant headsets and be experimented upon. Unsurprisingly, the game in question, Transference , will require a VR headset, though the reveal video seemed to contain VR headsets that don't actually exist, as opposed to existing Oculus, Vive, or smartphone options.

Why I’m not looking forward to Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Reader’s Feature | Metro News

Instead, it's a standalone series emphasizing online five-on-five battles between pirate armies. That sounds almost exactly like Sea of Thieves , which Rare has been developing exclusively for Microsoft platforms for years.

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It's time this composite decking myth gets busted: Not all capped composites and capped polymers are created equal. Read our blog to learn. While incredible connections begin with common fascination, over the long haul the relationship is bound to come up short if the couple need similarity.

Ubisoft's salvo in this genre, made by its Ubisoft Singapore studio, won't be out until October Far Cry 5 appeared near the end of the press conference with a revealing snippet of actual gameplay. The game revolves around a takedown of a militarized Montana cult , and the mission we saw had players directing their AI squadmates to various posts before initiating combat. We also saw more footage of the game's helpful dog, along with weapon-loaded cars and planes and all kinds of explosions.

Why I’m not looking forward to Beyond Good And Evil 2 – Reader’s Feature

We'll try to go hands-on with those and the other "coming THIS year, not next" games on the E3 show floor. You must login or create an account to comment. This black-market trader has a name that sounds a lot like Pey'j.