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In time, bard was used to refer to any poet. Today, it is often used to refer to William Shakespeare the Bard of Avon.

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Essay

Beast Fable See Fable. Bildungsroman : See Apprenticeship Novel. Bombast Inflated, pretentious speech or writing that sounds important but is generally balderdash. Breton Lay Fourteenth Century English narrative poem in rhyme about courtly love. The poem contains elements of the supernatural. The English borrowed the Breton-lay format from storytellers in Brittany, France. A lay is a medieval narrative poem originally intended to be sung. Breton is an adjective describing anyone or anything from Brittany. For example, a burlesque may turn a supposedly distinguished person into a buffoon or a supposedly lofty subject into a trivial one.

A hallmark of burlesque is its thoroughgoing exaggeration, often to the point of the absurd. Cervantes used burlesque in Don Quixote to poke fun at chivalry and other outdated romantic ideals. Burlesque is a close kin of parody. The latter usually ridicules a specific literary work or artistic production. Caesura Pause in a line of verse shown in scansion by two vertical lines. Canon Complete works of an author. Canto M ajor division division of an epic poem, such as Dante's Divine Comedy.

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The word is derived from the Latin cantus song. Caricature Literary work or cartoon that exaggerates the physical features, dress, or mannerisms of an individual or derides the ideas and actions of an organization, institution, movement, etc. The word is derived from the Italian caricare, meaning load, exaggerate, surcharge, fill to excess. In literature, caricature is a form of burlesque.

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Carpe Diem Latin expression meaning seize the day. Literary works with a carpe diem theme tell readers to enjoy life while they can. In other words, they should eat, drink and be merry and not worry about dying.

Catastasis Climax of a stage play. Catastrophe 1 Denouement, or conclusion, of a stage tragedy; 2 denouement of any literary work. Catchword In published Shakespeare plays in earlier times, a single word on the bottom of the right side of every page. This word was the first word appearing on the next page. Catharsis In literature and art, a purification of emotions. The Greek philosopher Aristotle B. This effect consists in cleansing the audience of disturbing emotions, such as fear and pity, thereby releasing tension. This purgation occurs as a result of either of the following reactions: 1 Audience members resolve to avoid conflicts of the main character—for example, Oedipus in Oedipus Rex and Creon in Antigone —that arouse fear or pity or 2 audience members transfer their own pity and fear to the main character, thereby emptying themselves of these disquieting emotions.

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Proverbs are simple, moral statements or illustrations that highlight and teach fundamental realities about life. Recommended Resource. Our moral systems are also rationally informed and therefore we are able to produce different social codes. It also pushes you to continue brainstorming. Retrieve sermons by chapter and verse - simply change the last part of the address below just as in the examples noted above You can use endlessly different story structures and styles, but each story or novel is going to boil down to three fundamental elements: character, setting, and plot.

In either case, the audience members leave the theater as better persons intellectually, morally, or socially. They have either been cleansed of fear of pity or have vowed to avoid situations that arouse fear and pity. In modern usage, catharsis may refer to any experience, real or imagined, that purges a person of negative emotions. Chalmys In the drama of ancient Greece, sleeveless outer garment, or cloak, worn by some actors.

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Chantey pronounced SHAN te; alternate spellings: chantey, shantey, shanty In earlier times, a song sung by sailors that kept time with the work they were doing, such as tugging on a rope to hoist a sail. The length of chanteys varied in relation to the length of the tasks being performed. Character, Flat Character in story who has only one prominent trait, such as greed or cruelty.

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Character, Round Character in a story who has many aspects to his or her personality. The character may have a good side and a bad side; he or she may be unpredictable. Character, Static Character in a literary work who does not change his or her outlook in response to events taking place. Chivalric Romance Tale of courtly love. In such tales, nights exhibit nobility, courage, and respect for their ladies fair, and the ladies exhibit elegance, modesty, and fidelity. Although knights and ladies may fall passionately in love, they eschew immoral behavior. In conflicts between good and evil, justice prevails.

Here are examples: I come from the rural north, from the urban south comes she. John is a good worker, and a bright student is Mary. A fop their passion, but their prize a sot. Flowers are lovely, love is flowerlike—Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Chorus Greek Play Bystanders in a Greek play who present odes on the action. A parode or parados is a song sung by the chorus when it enters. A stasimon is a song sung during the play, between episodes of action. In some ways, the chorus is like the narrator of a modern film or like the background music accompanying the action of the film.

In addition, it is like text on the film screen that provides background information or identifies the time and place of the action. Classicism In literature, a tradition espousing the ideals of ancient Greece and Rome: objectivity, emotional restraint, systematic thinking, simplicity, clarity, universality, dignity, acceptance of established social standards, promotion of the general welfare, and strict adherence to formal rules of composition.

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A classical writer typically restrained his emotions and his ego while writing in clear, dignified language; he also presented stories in carefully structured plots. Classicism remained a guiding force in literature down through the ages. Writers in the 15th,. Before you join the crowd, suggests Genzlinger, in reviewing four memoirs. Don't write for sympathy. Don't be a copy cat.

And consider making yourself the "least important character" in the story. It makes its interest in readers explicit, offering not just a series of life events, but a deliberate suggestion of what it is to be a human being — to experience confusion, despair, hope, joy, and all that happens in between. Secrets of Memoir panel. Six-word memoirs hosted by Smith, a personal stories magazine. One life. Six words. What's yours?

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Six word memoirs on love and heartbreak. Everyone has a story to tell. The Slate Diaries. A collection of some of the "diaries" published by Slate the online literary magazines. Speak Memory. Oliver Sachs's fascinating long essay in the New York Review of Books on the nature of memory-- how we remember, misremember, and construct memories -- and borrow from what we read!

She learned that obsessive precision is not the greatest quality in a would-be memoirist. When Sting did this, his creativity was reborn. Songs exploded from his head.