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Two girls run after their dreams of samba, stardom, friendship, and art, and the result is this glittering, mesmerizing triumph of a novel. And what a story she has to tell: an aching reminiscence of lives entwined by music, friendship, and longing. Vivid and unforgettable. As rich and complex and moving as music itself. An ambitious and consuming novel.

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It will transport you to a world that is half-magical, half-historical, deeply familiar, and wholly new. She is an icon around the world, but she is also a problematic figure. In Hollywood, her colorful costumes and her accent were exaggerated to the point of making her a caricature of herself. The end of her career, like her life, was very sad. It felt like a story about a Hollywood star that has already been told many times, in many forms. This was very early in my writing process, when the novel was more an idea than a fully formed manuscript.

I was fascinated by the tone of the book, how much love and jealousy was in the account of their friendship, how music bound them and also broke them apart. Your novel spans a tumultuous period of Brazilian history. This novel went through many drafts, many complete rewrites, in part because I got bogged down in history and research. My editor helped immensely with this.

With each draft, she gently pushed me to serve the story better, to be the writer that this book deserved. Ultimately, this meant letting go of history and focusing on the characters and their music. You also write about Hollywood in the s and s. When you researched those periods, what did you discover that surprised you? The U. The Blue Moon Band must live within the strict confines of the Hollywood studio system.

Hollywood was painted as a bohemian, unconventional place, when in reality it enforced the same rigid and demeaning racial and sexual castes as the rest of the s United States. Black and brown entertainers were not allowed into many popular nightclubs as guests or as entertainment; even when they were allowed to work, they were paid twenty percent of what their white counterparts earned, and they had to ride in freight elevators and sit in separate sections of studio cafeterias.

For a band like Blue Moon—whose members identify as black, white, male and female—this is devastating because it divides them. Studios demanded discretion, which meant that you had to keep your sexuality a secret or else you would be fired and run out of town.

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Every day after I wake up, I take a few moments of my time to think of one good thought for the day! And I write the thought on my Facebook page and sometimes . Real Pearl For This Day (Breathe Move Love Book 1) file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can download or read online all Book PDF file .

When did you discover that form? Had you written songs in that form before you wrote them for this novel?

It was intimidating to write about samba, which is sacred in Brazil. For them, music is salvation. Music is a way to be seen and heard in a world that tries, again and again, to discount and demean them. Music is their weapon and their solace. The sambas I wrote for the book are styled like poems, with an emphasis on lyrics rather than melodies.

I actually kept two photographs of Chavela Vargas—one of her as a young musician and another when she was very old—next to my computer as I wrote. There is something about her eyes in these photographs, something so deeply sad and wise, that reminded me of Dores. Outwardly, she expressed no shame or regret about her sexuality and was very open about being a lesbian at a time when such openness was both dangerous and career suicide.

I wanted Dores to be like this. She, like Chavela, knows who she is as a physical being. This allowed the novel to explore love in its multitude of forms: romantic love, physical love, artistic love, unrequited love, and the deep love between friends. Dores and Vinicius, for example, love each other first and foremost as artists. The bond between them is deeper than any physical love affair, and has its own kind of romance.

They give each other the strength to keep creating. They save each other through their art. Later, that changes, and Dores focuses on songwriting. Does that mirror a decision in your own life, to write rather than to be onstage? I want the exact opposite: to disappear into a character, or into a different place and time. Those minutes are incredible! Are there particular books that inspired you or assisted you as a writer, for this book or more generally?

Poetry, like music, speaks to the deepest parts of our natures. Read An Excerpt.

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The Danish Girl. David Ebershoff. The Giver of Stars. The Splendor Before the Dark. Margaret George. Ghosts of Berlin. Rudolph Herzog. They Hanged My Saintly Billy. Robert Graves. Killing Commendatore.

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Haruki Murakami. The Shape of the Ruins. Juan Gabriel Vasquez. Ta-Nehisi Coates. City of Secrets.

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Victoria Thompson. Love Is Blind. William Boyd. A Single Thread. Tracy Chevalier. From Here to Eternity was immediately beloved by critics and audiences alike and went on to win eight Academy Awards. Featuring one of the most iconic love scenes in American cinema, From Here to Eternity brilliantly dramatizes how the boredom, frustration, and brutality of life in the peacetime army were swept away by the tidal wave of war.

Featuring one of the greatest ensemble casts in Hollywood history, this epic recreates the D-Day landings at Normandy from American, British, French, and German perspectives. In an unusual move for the time, French and German actors delivered lines in their native languages, helping to give the film its documentary feel. A three-hour saga that never sags, The Longest Day featured actors who had actually participated in D-Day. Kurabayashi was a diplomat and poet turned general whose novel strategy of defending the island from an underground network of tunnels and caves turned what was expected to be a five-day rout into a day war of attrition.

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By paying scrupulous attention to Japanese history, language, and culture, Letters from Iwo Jima humanizes the enemy and sheds new light on a war that Hollywood has almost exclusively portrayed from an American point-of-view. Tarantino was influenced by such action flicks as The Dirty Dozen , The Guns of Navarone , and Where Eagles Dare , but Inglourious Basterds is one-of-a-kind: a genre-bending thrill ride that gleefully delights in breaking all the rules.

German forces surrounded the city in September , but it was not until the summer of that an all-out battle began.

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The heroine loves the guy but he is not sure that his husband loves her. He who is My Pain I went downward because of a coward. Video Girl. Anyway, the matter came before a judge and that is how our heroine came to live on the ranch and became a teacher to his son. The Struggling Seed.

Dunkirk is one of the most formally inventive films on this list. Portraying three separate aspects of the Dunkirk evacuation and three distinct time periods at once, this Christopher Nolan-helmed film is one of his best. The strong cast, featuring everyone from Kenneth Branagh to Harry Styles, carries the twisty film ably, grounding the narrative emotionally even as time shifts around the viewer. Although some point to its strength as a weakness, Downfall is one of few films to show Hitler as a person rather than a figure. This rather unusual Hitchcock film takes place only on a lifeboat.

Eight British and American citizens, both civilian and in service, are stranded on a lifeboat together after their passenger boat was sunk by a U-boat.