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Fear No Art

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Alison Victoria. Christian Siriano. Shannon O'Brien. Elysabeth Alfano. Chris Masterson. Heather Terhune. Whether you are a beginner or have taken several classes, there is something for everyone! For those who have never painted before, our artists take you step by step through the creation of your masterpiece. More advanced painters will learn different techniques from our 15 different artists who all have different styles.

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Cope2 has been painting since , his urban style of art work can be found in galleries and walls all over the world. He was very active in the art scene in 's and 's and came to be known as the ambassador for New York graffiti.

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In , Cope2 was commissioned by Time Life magazine to design a billboard campaign. Draftsmanship is definitely an aesthetic I strive for overall. The focus of my work is centered on an affinity to architectonic aspects, the ideology of building from the ground up, and the line-work involved in the development process. The sketches, the blueprints, the t-square, all these things I collect for my own interest and admiration. It found me. The concept that a picture is worth an infinite amount of words inspired Problak Rob Gibbs and provided him with the opportunity to take ownership of one of our cultures' most modern hieroglyphics: graffiti.

He developed a vision of beautifying the ghettos of Boston, MA purely by instinct, experiencing his "calling" at a young age. A child of the Hip-Hop golden age, this culture became a personal creed for Problak, who chose the "unspoken heard" as a communication tool within his city. With an extensive repertoire in several media, Problak's work has challenged both the viewer and himself the artist, to see and celebrate graffiti's evolution for over 15 years.

His work as a solo artist and as a member of Boston's A.

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In , Absolut Vodka commissioned Miripolsky for his first illustration, which led to several other advertising campaigns organized around Miripolsky's original work. Retrieved 31 May Toddler T-Shirts. Simone de Beauvoir, this French writer came to Chicago and she had an affair with Nelson Algren and there was this nice Chicago tie. I left home at 19, and came back aged 27 with my own daughter. Analeigh Tipton.

For any information, please contact: Problak gmail. In my work I convey a variety of socially relevant themes commenting on urban life, and political and cultural events. As a visual artist, I have never received formal training, but began drawing and painting out of pure passion and interest.

I draw on my development as a graffiti artist, but cover a far reaching range of topics. Motivated by themes such as love, oppression, freedom, cultural heritage, and history, I create work that typically includes the human form, yet moves well beyond portraiture.

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A series of acrylic paintings portray a fusion of female subjects and stylized landscapes, which calls attention the connection to humans and nature. I magnify urban issues with cityscapes and street scenes, conveying both a subtle documentation of everyday life, as well as negative media portrayal.

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Andre Miripolsky (born ) is an American pop artist based in Los Angeles, California. His career began with the design of Elton John's piano jacket in , and is best known for his "Fear No Art" button, album covers, the Miripolsky Barbie. Fear No ART is an all access pass behind the scenes, where the public is never allowed, to discover what is involved, mistakes and all, in making of sculpture.

I work as a freelance artist, doing live painting at community events, creating murals for youth programs and schools, and creating several series of paintings for exhibition.