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As soon as you let go of this expensive illusion, you can start living a much better life. You just need a bike, and the curiosity to poke around on Google Maps and in real life to find a safe route to get anywhere you need to go. Still, I would enjoy being proven wrong.

What’s the best thing you learned from your parents?

If necessary, I will travel there myself, strap a camera to my head, and record myself biking between any two points in the entire city just to prove how easily it can be done. CanuckExpat March 19, , am. And believe it or not, you can and I have happily bike year round, get where you are going fast and safely, and get some scenery and exercise while having fun.

Brian June 5, , am. And I can offer comments from bicycling in Bangkok for the last year where I live.

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But, guess what? The poor people who have no other means of transportation do it all the time. Phil October 13, , pm. I rode my bike across the US in a zig zag where the wind will take me fashion, and I can attest that the place Agent9 is describing is called South Carolina. GregK October 14, , am.

Even if South Carolina is the worst place in America to ride a bike, you can still ride a bike there. Seanishness May 8, , am. I live in a city that surrounds one highway. No bike lanes and no sidewalks. I wish I could believe you, but while all drivers are of roughly the same skill, some cities are not used to seeing cyclists on their roads. A cyclist actually dies every few years trying to bike on our highway because of a 55 mph speed limit and no passing lanes. KB January 29, , am.

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What about us suckers that live in the suburbs? Commuting to work would be a 20 mile bike ride for me……on highways and narrow bridges. Wish I could!

MMM January 29, , pm. Welcome, KB! LastBestPlace February 13, , pm. I just had to comment on this one. For a few years I commuted in all but the worst weather from a small town to a small city — 16 miles each way, on a narrow rural highway with no shoulder, and in mating season redwing blackbirds attacked!

That regimen turned me into a superfit animal — for free. As I calculated my weekly, monthly, and annual savings, I became completely insufferable on the subject. And to the pregnant woman below I had to say… in another small city, I rode my bike carefully a mile or so to work and back every day through the ninth month of pregnancy.

Nothing but net. JaneMD February 6, , am. My husband bought it three years ago and never used it. We live on a second floor apartment without a garage and I already bundle my car trips. I will be willing to try using the bike for those places this spring. Julia K. February 25, , am. Not only am I aware of the shocking costs of driving, I am also aware of the shocking dangers of driving.

Car accidents are common and will often screw you up forever. If the news reported on car accidents and their consequences like they do on intentional violence, people would drive a whole lot less. My friends who bike in DC frequently report tumbles and even broken bones. Money Mustache February 25, , pm. It is safe to start rolling on your bike right now. For now, you should be aware that while biking deaths are slightly higher than car deaths per mile , they are drastically lower per hour. And even more importantly, the health benefits from biking regularly are so insanely large that they greatly outweigh the tiny increase in crash risks.

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All at the expense of adding only a few more thousandths of a percent of a freak accident. Total distance covered: somewhere over 30, miles. February 29, , am. I biked to work yesterday for the first time! The roads to work have fairly wide shoulders and are frequently biked, but I was still surprised at how safe I felt, much safer than my previous neighborhood. Driving to clients is sometimes part of my job, but I anticipate being able to bike to work about half the time. Thanks for the encouragement, MMM.

Jay March 18, , pm. Welcome, Julia, to the great world of bicycle commuting!

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It can be relaxing and a great way to clear your head, while waking up your muscles and getting your blood moving to start the day! Much better than sitting in a car in traffic. Secondly, you will want to start meandering on your way home.

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This is one of the best parts of owning a bicycle! Discover some different neighborhoods or markets, or challenge yourself to take a slightly different route home every day for a week. You never know! As a new biker, maneuvering the roads, potholes, signs, and signals can be pretty tricky.

Did you get it?

You see things in a very different light, and it can take some getting used to. My two recommendations are to get lights and a helmet. This is a very useful site, and the front page has some great illustrations of common car-bike collisions and how to avoid them. Clemens September 6, , pm. Otherwise statistics would be horrible for Amsterdam, Stockholm and various other European cities , and the people responsible for road planning might actually start accounting for the needs of cyclists….

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SG February 28, , pm. Now people are blaming cars for their diabetes? Have some accountability for your own actions, seriously. Cars are a great utility, source of fun, and more emissions friendly than ever. Money Mustache February 29, , am. I even own a couple of cars myself. That leads to a ridiculous amount of pavement covering our cities, and that plus their emissions is the part that is destroying the world.

One of the biggest reasons to do that is the fact that bike riding makes you surprisingly rich. Daniel March 11, , am. When I move out on my own, I am either going to sell my car altogether or only use it when I visit my parents. I will bike, walk, or take the bus everywhere!

Garrett August 7, , am. How far is too far? What is the distance between you and work? GregK April 10, , pm. Really awesome article. I just acquired for free an old Royce Union road bike. The frame itself seems to be in great shape, so I expect to get many years of use out of it, despite its age! Emily D June 15, , am.