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Journey to the Great Self is my first attempt at bringing this work to a wider audience of both men and women. That is part of the fun. Each week features unique locations such as Dragoncliff , Ash Grove and Rivertown and characters such as members of the Gatekeeper Order that you meet, who will interview you and teach you things relevant to your life.

The powerful ECHO-system, where everyone who takes the training can see the tracks of those who went before. BETA only: The training is created real-time through your input. This means you will be traveling through a living world. For more info about this, check the FAQ further down. How can a homestudy program create a feeling of being part of something greater?

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Introducing the ECHO-system, an innovation in the field of online trainings. Every week of Journey to the Great Self , you will meet a mythological emissary that questions you on your intentions and your progress. This answer will then go into the secure ECHO-archives, from where it can be accessed by all past, present and future travelers given your permission. Over the months and years, a wisdom archive of genuine human experience will be built, and you can share in those very real stories, even tracking those of your favorite protagonists.

And yet with time, the mystical dimension of reality has opened up, and the world has revealed many of its secrets to me.

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For me, this is a great gift. I was once a young man who felt that my very existence was a scourge on this planet. In my worst moments, I believed that feeding me was a waste of resources, and that the world would be better off if I starved to death.

Your Dreams Deserve Their Moment In The Sun

I was feeling about as unwelcome in the world as could be. So I continued the fight, remaining perpetually afraid to be wrong and worried the world would reject me. I pursued spiritual revelation while hiding my vulnerability behind a shield of arrogance and competency, as only a son of academics could. Yet it would take a 5-year rite of passage through chronic health challenges to sufficiently humble me to discover the gift that I am here give.

I had to discover the hard way that not only do I belong to the world, but I can take others on that same journey of coming home. And so it was that in facing the death I had once desired, I found the seed to new life. So is this Journey right for you? You expect to have a detailed outline of your life purpose after 8 weeks this training is about discovering your archetypal design and the way in which you belong. You are looking for another quickfix that will magically transform your life into a paradise just by using some clever psychological tricks.

You are more identified with being a divine being than you are a human being this training is about belonging more , not less to humanity. This means that your input will directly impact the journey you go on. So a BETA-launch is more unpredictable, but you also get unprecedented opportunity to form the journey that hundreds, if not thousands, will experience after you.

Since the journey is so unpredictable, there is a chance of delays in the course delivery from time to time. That is just part of the nature of a BETA. It lasts for two hours. The depth and power of these calls has deepened over the years and the transformation that men go through on these calls is often humbling though Journey to the Great Self is also for women of course.

If you choose this option, you will be part of such a group process, where the mystical mixes with the practical, and the group field develops its own intelligence that works on and transforms us all. This offer will not be available when the course launches properly, and is exclusive to the BETA. If you would like to explore these mythological lands once more, know that the Northern Territories have opened up we travel due north from the City of Eternal Slumber , and places like Dragoncliff , Rivertown and Ash Grove will meet you with their characters and powers.

This training is definitely a great opportunity to deepen the work you did on RYIT. You will be ahead of the game of course, but I am sure you will enjoy the journey, the new insights, and especially the ECHO-system, where you will have access to the echoes of past travelers.

T. Harv Eker: Master the Inner Game of Wealth & Join the New Rich

For most people, it would make sense to do the home-study program before Reclaim your Inner Throne. Reclaim your Inner Throne is a very intensive process which will dominate your life for three full months.

Journey to the Great Self is not like this, and will give you a taste of our work in a more casual and much cheaper way. But if you are impatient, and want the deepest transformation possible, the full Reclaim your Inner Throne journey is unparalleled in its capacity to give you profound breakthroughs in life. Of course, this might be true. And the training should be flexible enough to accommodate for that reality. Many people find it hard to choose a path in life.

They have so many talents and so many ideas and possibilities, and they never end up choosing. Based on personal experience and working with many people over the years, at Reclaim your Inner Throne we believe this is very often because choosing a very deliberate path for yourself is a death process which requires letting go of many of your youthful, naive dreams. Yet for most of us, growing up and becoming self-sustaining in what we do involves making a clear choice. Time in our lives is limited, and while having many talents is appreciated in your life as a civilian, in your professional life, it is the one talent you chase and refine that will sustain you.

In fact, we believe this is an incorrect conclusion. We realize that there are teachers and bodies of work out there which take a more radical approach, and argue that purpose and meaning will never be anything more than an ongoing process of interpretation. Yes, making this choice is often uncomfortable. If you wonder about this, you are already advanced and likely have a very conscious relationship to the maps of meaning you use.

Journey to the Great Self is closely connected to the tradition of depth psychology.

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This means that we place more emphasis on the structure of the deep psyche and the huge impact of archetypal energy on our lives than we do on e. We acknowledge the impact of family systems, epigenetic markers, karmic patterns etc, which means that we reject the notion that all meaning is subjective and created, and propose that a lot of meaning is created, but that some is inherent. When we are born into this world, and receive wounds and epigenetic markers through forces outside of our control, blocks to our free expression of life force are formed.

These blocks and wounds are not just a problem, they are also a curriculum to our core competency. It is in healing and untangling these wounds that many people discover their true purpose in this life. This is a powerful perspective and is particularly potent in overcoming the victimized self narrative.

In our experience, clinging to either of these exclusively tends to lead to spiritual bypassing, and we therefore hold them both as true. Out of all of the wisdom traditions which influence our trainings here at Reclaim your Inner Throne, the tradition of archetypal psychology, pioneered by CG Jung who called it analytical psychology is the one which has influenced us the most. So getting familiar with the way the archetypal building blocks are mediated through our more surface personality and psychology is at the root of this work. This perspective suggests that purpose is innate and relates to our personal path of wounding.

But we also recognize that this kind of purpose is a feature of the archetypal Magician. If your role in the tribe is that of a Warrior, you will likely find your purpose through observing something you care about being threatened. In other words, depending on the particular archetypal configuration of your purpose work, your path can be a mixture of created and innate meaning. This is a powerful opportunity to work with Eivind at a price that will not return for a long time, if ever.

No payment plan is available for basic participation. Eivind started his public work with Masculinity-Movies. Inspired by his own confusion around the topic of masculinity, he used his own work as a coming of age process, using archetypal and mythological frames to unpack the wisdom of popular culture.

He then developed Reclaim your Inner Throne , a powerful 3-month rite of passage for men, in autumn of Here at Reclaim your Inner Throne, we are well known for creating a new foundation in the lives of participants, and we will do everything we can to make that happen for you with this training as well. If you are inspired, like the idea of being part of an experimental BETA-training, and the timing is right, then join us! Help us reach them?

Round 12 begins - d Uplevel your Life. Journey to the Great Self. Beta launches January 8. Get A Copy.

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Share this profile Tell the world about this Reedsy profile LinkedIn. We can then move toward our vision by having a clearpicture of our goal, keep adapting and changing as we go, keeping our purposes clear and keepsynchronizing our movement and direction. That is just part of the nature of a BETA. Your body language and nonverbal communication is analyzed and corrected on the spot. WordPress Shortcode. This is meta-coaching at its best,is it not?

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Secrets To Inner Game: Inner Transformations [Aukeyto A Mosley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. You have to ask yourself this, . Finally! The answers to every human beings desires and struggles have arrived. Discover the Secrets To Inner Game Vol. 2 - Inner Transformations Beauty.

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