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Eight Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
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While the first part here has the traditional London backdrop, the second part is a flashback which transports us to a frontier Utah. These seemingly disparate sections work well together and make for a compelling story. The steady and reliable narrator, Dr. Watson takes measure of Holmes: Although the illustration below belies it, the producers of the TV show pretty much took the first time Holmes and Watson encounter a dead body and lovingly re-produced it almost to the letter. For a little over a hundred pages, this took a lot longer to plow through than I would have initially thought.

Recommended for those who have an interest in knowing where the legend began and for Sherlock completists. This was a buddy read with a bunch of non-crunchy folks who like to read whilst pants free.

Sherlock Holmes and his Contribution to Criminology

View all 24 comments. Halfway the locale turns exotic--Holmes already knows who the culprit is--and, fittingly, the motive is but half the story! What a feeling of pervasive excitement the mid 19th century had with these cerebral, albeit universal, yarns of suspense.

Aug 31, Carmen rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Almost Everyone. Shelves: classics , mystery , traditionally-published , he-says , scottish-author , published , fiction. Gregson and Lestrade had watched the maneuvers of their amateur companion with considerable curiosity and some contempt. They evidently failed to appreciate the fact, which I had begun to realize, that Sherlock Holmes's smallest actions were all directed towards some definite and practical end. This is the first Sherlock Holmes story, a novel which introduces the now legendary detecting team of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.

Watson is looking for a roommate and is introduced to Holmes with some Gregson and Lestrade had watched the maneuvers of their amateur companion with considerable curiosity and some contempt. Watson is looking for a roommate and is introduced to Holmes with some warnings. I could imagine his giving a friend a little pinch of the latest vegetable alkaloid, not out of malevolence, you understand, but simply out of a spirit of inquiry in order to have an accurate idea of the effects.

To do him justice, I think he would take it himself with the same readiness. He appears to have a passion for definite and exact knowledge. This isn't my first, second, or even third time reading this book.

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Parts of it are etched on my brain, never to be erased. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it. But the passage stays with me, and is often discussed amongst my friends and family. This is probably the most memorable passage in the book for me, at least.

Holmes is rather self-sufficient and self-contained, but in no way is he a cold, callous, rude or even distant man. I dislike when he's portrayed as emotionless or cruel, because even in this first story he's obviously not an anti-social creature.

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When he meets Watson he is a bit anxious that his violin playing will disturb him. Later, to make up for all his meandering here and there on the violin, without shape or form - he plays beautiful and famous pieces for Watson in order to please him. And he thrives on Watson's wide-eyed awe of him and his innate trust in Sherlock's abilities. My companion flushed up with pleasure at my words, and the earnest way in which I uttered them. I had already observed that he was as sensitive to flattery on the score of his art as any girl could be of her beauty. This adoration of Watson somewhat makes up for Holmes the bitterness and rancor he feels on not getting the credit he is due for solving the police's more difficult cases. The book is really divided up into two parts, and the first part is the more enjoyable part.

In the first part, Watson and Holmes meet, slowly get acquainted and suss each other out. Then eventually Holmes's profession is revealed, and the fun starts when a man is found murdered in an empty house. The police are stumped and come to Holmes for help. And Holmes wants Watson along for the ride. The second part is more uncomfortable due to the extreme battering of Mormons and Mormon religion. Mormons are portrayed as evil rapists and slavers. If you are upset by this portrayal, this book might be very painful for you to read. Not to say that the first part is free and clear.

For instance, when Watson sees the body of the murdered man, he remarks: "So sinister was the impression which that face had produced upon me that I found it difficult to feel anything but gratitude for him who had removed its owner from the world. Judging a person - a person who was murdered, terrified and alone! However, this was a common literary trope back then and unfortunately still is today. Ugliness, disability, and deformities are often shown as "signs" and "proof" of a person's deviance and malevolence.

This book focuses on a revenge plot, and there are some great quotes about vengeance in here. Tl;dr - A classic, and for a good reason. Who wouldn't enjoy seeing the world's most famous detective solve his first case with Dr. Watson by his side? And unlike many classics, this is easy to read and fast paced. Besides a few slang terms no longer in effect, and one or two times I was reaching for my dictionary, this reading presented no problems at all.

Doyle possesses a straightforward and exciting writing style - he doesn't spend hours describing the scenery or make his characters talk in an affected way. The story is gripping and will have you turning pages quickly. As Watson would say, There was no need for him to ask me to wait up for him, for I felt that sleep was impossible until I heard the result of his adventure.

You will also find sleep elusive as you chase murderers alongside the fierce Sherlock and the intrepid Watson! Happy trails! Available in Spanish as Estudio en Escarlata. View all 22 comments. Jun 29, Luffy rated it really liked it. This was a reread. I have read this book many times. It still holds up well. Sherlock Holmes is here, intact, unchanged, canon.

A Sherlock Holmes Novel: A Study in Scarlet Audiobook

Both Lestrade and Watson are a foil to Sherlock's genius. I liked reliving the case and its unraveling. It was a nicety to concentrate on the serious side but also the humor.

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Books like this always hold up. The prose is so modern sounding. Books that came after ASiS, are sometimes so outdated.

Kenneth Millar Sherlock Holmes And The Lizard: An Investigation eBook: Kelvin Jones: Kindle Store. Sherlock Holmes And The Lizard: An Investigation eBook: Kelvin Jones: Amazon. in: Kindle Store.

But not here. Sherlock's various incarnations - I wouldn't say pale in c This was a reread. Sherlock's various incarnations - I wouldn't say pale in comparison - but they make me yearn for reading Doyle's masterpiece. I've watched movies and TV shows, heard stories and read adaptions, but to this day I never read the original work. But while their personalities are quite similiar, their stories still differ a lot, which was to be expected. Suddenly I was in the middle of America, reading a story about Mormons, Secret Societies and the Great Plains - a subplot that had, to my disappointment, no Holmes included.

The murder mystery was interrupted by a large background story that I had no interest in whatsoever. This novel was a classic example of a good story that took an undesired turn and therefore changed my formerly positive opinion of it. I still intend to pick up the sequels, this one was nevertheless promising. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 7 comments. Aug 29, Apatt rated it it was amazing Shelves: classics.

My dear reader of review, I see you have just returned from Afghanistan, in a black cab, driven by an Italian driver, on your way here you stopped for breakfast at a McDonald's where you were served by a pregnant red-headed lady. I am sure you are wondering how I know all this. Well, my dear fellow I have also immediately deduced your gender I have my methods. Now, to the matter of writing this A Study in Scarlet review, that, my friend, is a three pipes problem.

Don't go away just ye Ah! Don't go away just yet!

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I've finished with that crap now, I am aware that reviewing is a serious undertaking which should not be subjected to this kind of tomfoolery and silly references. Not to worry. The game is afoot! So the first section of the novel introduces our beloved narrator, Dr. John Watson; just back from Afghanistan, looking for an affordable accommodation. Homes does a lot of his patented scrutinizing, crawling, sniffing, tasting thing, to the astonishment of everybody, but none more so than Watson who is an instant fanboy.

Workplace Investigation Tips from Sherlock Holmes

Not long after, just when Holmes is about to collar the guilty party, the book goes to Part 2 and something happened which would have flummoxed even Holmes himself if he wasn't confined inside the narrative. I almost gave up on the book then, but gritted my teeth and finished it anyway. I remember being bored by this Part 2 though, it made me feel like a Holmesless man! Rereading the book now I have to say that Part 2 is actually a very good standalone-ish story; full of dark villainy, bloody vengeance, and evil Mormons what?

Anyway, it is lots of fun if you can forgive the lack of Sherlock, it does help a lot, knowing that in advance.