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Valkyra: Destiny's Spear
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America vs. The three heroes had been dispatched by President Franklin Roosevelt and William Stephenson, the head of British intelligence, to investigate reports of a planned German invasion of Great Britain. At a specially convened rally in Berlin hours later, Hitler prepared to unmask the three Americans and then slay them with the Spear of Destiny as a demonstration of German superiority. He was interrupted by the arrival of two more American heroes, Dr.

Fate and Hourman , who quickly freed the three captives. Enraged, Hitler called on the mystic power of the Spear. Despite the Spear's origins as a Christian artifact, Hitler's philosophy at least on Earth-Two was a decidedly un-Christian one, influenced by Frederich Nietszche and Teutonic myth as interpreted by Wagner.

As a result, most of the magical effects Hitler produced with the Spear took the form of figures from Norse mythology. His cry of rage summoned a flight of Valkyries, the sword maidens of Wotan, riding the winged horses of legend. At Hitler's command, the valkyries attacked the American heroes, engaging them in battle high above Berlin. Exultant at this sign of his own power and German's dominance, Hitler ordered his commanders to begin Operation Sea Lion, the planned invasion of Great Britain, which had been scrapped months earlier as a result of poor weather in the English channel.

At the same time an experimental long-range bomber was dispatched across the Atlantic to attack Washington, D. There is no evidence that the Earth-One Hitler possessed the Spear of Destiny, or if he did, that it played any significant role in the war; the Earth-One Spear's history may have followed that of the real-world Spear.

In post-Crisis continuity neither Superman nor Batman had yet appeared in and neither took part in these events. In the post-Crisis history, the valkyrie succeeded in killing Roosevelt, who was restored to life through the intervention of the Spectre; see Secret Origins v. As the beleaguered heroes pursued the valkyries, who headed out over the ocean to escort the bomber on its way, Dr. Fate issued mystic summons, enlisting the aid of other American mystery men.

Drawn to England by Fate's magic, the Atom , Hawkman , and the Sandman joined British troops in repelling the first wave of German invaders. Just as they realized that they stood no chance against the full might of the Nazi force, they were joined by The Spectre , the recipient of Fate's fourth summons. Growing to enormous size, the Spectre strode into the English Channel and singlehandedly laid waste to the entire German fleet, crushing ships and men like toys.

Hastily regrouping, the nine assembled heroes engaged the valkyries, but were unable to prevent the Nazi bomber from reaching the American mainland.

That attack was thwarted thanks to the timely arrival of Superman , who demolished the German bomber and intercepted its deadly cargo. Minutes later, the Atom prevented one of the valkyries from striking down President Roosevelt in the Oval Office.

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There's a legend that the Blarney Stone and Stone of Scone are both half the original Stone, although the Irish stone is bluestone, and the Scottish one is red sandstone. The Copper Box. Bringing all three together results in the Lord of the Revel challenging the Warrior of Light to a fight, mostly for fun. In the final months of the war, however, American heroes discovered that the Sphere of Influence was weakening as the Germans and Japanese lost ground, enabling some Allied heroes to venture cautiously into some previously restricted territory. Ravi Zacharias. Live-Action Television Early seasons of Stargate SG-1 would feature a panning shot of a similar mask as the title sequence.

Their mission a failure, the valkyries vanished, returning to whence they came. At Roosevelt's suggestion, the heroes agreed to form a permanent team, for which Superman provided a name: the Justice Society of America. DC Special NOTE: In pre-Crisis continuity, the Sphere of Influence affected only those heroes with mystical abilities or an unusual vulnerability to magic.

The heroes most at risk included the Spectre, Dr. Non-magical metahumans e. In fact, in the summer of , with both their mystical powers on the wane, Dr. Fate and the Spectre were able to create a spell to temporarily shield themselves from the Sphere of Influence for a humanitarian mission in Europe as explained in Young All-Stars In post-Crisis continuity, the Sphere of Influence apparently affected all metahuman heroes, even those whose power was not derived from magical sources. In National Comics second series 1, for example, the Flash felt the edges of the Sphere of Influence while on a mission in Dresden in early Presumably, nonpowered and purely mechanically based heroes remained unaffected.

A little over a year later, in the wake of the Japanese attack on the American naval base at Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt convened the All-Star Squadron, an organization of all American mystery men and metahuman heroes of the era. The Squadron was enlisted to invade the Japanese mainland in the hope that their assembled might would bring about a swift end to the war.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, however, Hitler apparently spent part of the previous year further investigating the power of the Spear of Destiny. With the help of a Japanese sorcerer and scientist known only as the Dragon King , then in possession of the Holy Grail, Hitler created a mystic barrier surrounding Axis territory. As the All-Star Squadron discovered with disasterous results, any hero vulnerable to magic who entered the Spear's "Sphere of Influence" fell victim to a magical compulsion to serve the Axis cause. In their first encounter with the Sphere of Influence, the unaffected heroes managed to forestall a disaster by luring their magically entranced comrades out of the range of the compulsion spell, and beat a hasty retreat.

Afterwards, the Allied commanders, realizing the potentially horrific consequences of the most powerful American heroes falling under Nazi control, ordered all metahuman operatives to stay out of Axis-controlled or disputed territory, thereby confining many of the heroes to the home front. All-Star Squadron 4. The Spear of Destiny's influence served to keep the majority of the Allied heroes from playing an active part in the war either in Europe or in the Pacific.

In the final months of the war, however, American heroes discovered that the Sphere of Influence was weakening as the Germans and Japanese lost ground, enabling some Allied heroes to venture cautiously into some previously restricted territory. National Comics v. With Allied troops nearing Berlin in mid-April of , Hitler feared that the war was lost.

Unwilling to accept defeat gracefully, he determined to avenge himself upon the German people who had proven unworthy to carry out his dreams of conquest. He attempted to use the power of the Spear of Destiny to bring about Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods as he pictured it from the final chapter of Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung cycle. Although Hitler never knew it, he came perilously close to succeeding. The Spear's power ripped a hole in the sky, unraveling the fabric of the universe as Hitler's vision of Gotterdamerung drew to a close. To stop it, the Justice Society of America traveled back in time from some 50 years in the future and entered the Ragnarok cycle.

By intervening in the battle, the Justice Society prevented the cycle from reaching its conclusion, saving the world — but only at the cost of being forced to endlessly repeat the events of the battle, apparently for all eternity. In , Hitler knew only that his last efforts had failed; the power of the Spear had at last deserted him. Not long afterward, he committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin, alongside his wife, Eva Braun. Moments after Hitler's death, the Spear was removed from his bunker by a mysterious figure, who was pursued by a pair of American soldiers.

One of the soldiers was slain, but his comrade, Sergeant Baxter, tracked the Spear to the home of Baron Kragen, a mad German nobleman who hoped to use its power to revive the Third Reich. Baxter killed Kragen and his daughter, Ilse, but was himself slain by the Baron's Chinese manservant, who claimed the Spear for himself.

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Weird War Tales 50 It eventually fell into the hands of the Soviets and was transported to Russia, where it remained until it was seized by agents of Kobra the Conqueror. Kobra subsequently attempted to use the Spear to destroy the Spectre. Although the villain was ultimately unsuccessful, he did discover that the Spear had the power to harm the Spectre's ectoplasmic form. Armageddon: Inferno 1—3. Nightshade and delivered to Sarge Steel , then the U. The relic was crated and filed in a warehouse for future study. Spectre v.

The Spear was forgotten for about a year until the Spectre destroyed the Balkan state of Vlatava, leveling that nation and wiping out virtually all of its population. Spectre 13 In the wake of that incident, the U. Spectre 20 Hazzard discovered its current location and arranged for it to be removed from its warehouse.

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The Spear was entrusted to Superman, who agreed to confront the Spectre and, if necessary, use the Spear to destroy the vengeful spirit. Unfortunately, Hazzard's investigation had neglected one crucial detail: The Spear's power was still infected by the madness of Adolf Hitler, making anyone who wielded it suffer megalomaniacal delusions. Spectre Superman confronted the Spectre, but was overcome by the Spear's curse. The Man of Steel was subjected to a grim, vivid hallucination in which he used the Spear's power to conquer and ultimately destroy the world.

Superman was able to break free of the Spear's influence before losing control, although he realized that he could not use it against the Spectre. Instead, the Man of Steel and the Spectre came to an agreement that there could be no future atrocities like Vlatava, an arrangement that Superman later conveyed to Sarge Steel and the President. Dominus Ghaul. Races Awoken. Factions Dead Orbit. Future War Cult. New Monarchy.

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